Talking Hands - Watch My Nails Dont Watch Me

Director of Photography

Talking Hands – Watch My Nails Don’t Watch Me was created by Council for Times Square and will be presented in conjunction with their major public art commission,
A Fountain for Survivors.

Premiered on Times Square from November 1–30, 2021 | Nightly 11:57pm – 12am


Featuring Amber Wagner @jstlbby
Nail art: Britney Fahie @balleriina.brit
Director: Pamela Council @pamelacouncil
Director of Photography: Vashni Korin
Editor: Kyra Thompson
Assistant Camera: Taylor Garcia @taylorhgarcia
Art Direction & Set Design: Pamela Council
Shot on location at Reparations Club
Curator: Anna Harsanyi @anna1harsanyi